General Information
The purpose of the establishment of Islamia Degree College is to acquire the aspirations of pursuing higher education among Muslim minority and backward community and to forward them to the path of advancement. The foundation stone of Islamia Degree College, Saharanpur has been laid by the hands of Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Zakariya Sahab (Shaikhul Hadeeth), Hazrat Maulana Ashshah Muhammed Asadullah Sahab (Nazim-E-Aala), and Hazrat Mufti Muzaffar Hussain Sahab (Nazim, Madarsa Mazahir Uloom) in year 1974. Because of unhealthy conditions of committee the progression could not sustained.

After recognition of the managing committee of Islamia Degree College in July 2002, Mr. Anwar Ahmed Ansari took the charge of Secretary. When taking the charge he pledged for the advancement of the college which has been built by the elders of Muslim Community with the purpose of improving the level of higher education among muslims. Every muslim of the area had an urge for the establishment of Islamia Degree College as a prominent institute of higher education. The Secretary has also pledged for the construction of Islamia Degree College with the help of peers and forayed for the recognition of same.

To accomplish the desires of Muslim community, the Management Committee of Islamia Degree College with the blessings of Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Abdul Qayyum Sahab Raipuri, Maulana Mukarram Sahab Sansarpuri, Hazrat Maulana Athar Husain Sahab, Hazrat Maulana Raisuddin Sahab (Muhaddis, Mazahir Uloom Waqf), Hazrat Maulana Talha Sahab (S/o Muhatram Hazrat Shaikhul Hadees Sahab), Hazrat Hafez Jameel Ahmed Sahab Nanka Wale, and Hazrat Hafiz Muhammed Husain Sahab Budiya Wale has started developmental works of Islamia Degree College on the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan 2004. To continue the constructional works of college we have been helped by Janab Qazi Rasheed Masood Sahab (MP) with amount of Rs. 8,41000, Janab Shahid Siddiqui Sahab (MP) with amount of Rs. 3,41,400, and Janab Sanjay Garg Sahab (MLA & Minister of UP Govt.) with amount of Rs. 5,00,000 from their respective quotas.

To complete the dream of Muslim minorities for setting up and recognizing Islamia Degree College, the Management Committee of Islamia Degree College, Principal and Staff has worked hard with utmost dedication and continuity. Due to their continuous efforts Islamia Degree College has given affiliation with CCS University, Meerut in July 2006 for faculties of Arts and Commerce. All fees and features in both of the faculties have been set up on the basis of the criteria of University along with keeping the interests of students and guardians.

Management committee pays its gratitude towards MPs, MLAs, Ministers, Members of General Assembly, and the people of city for their collaborative supports in development of Islamia Degree College. We hope that college will be found able in acquiring the needs of growing population of city and hope for your all time support to sustain the growth of Islamia Degree College as a prominent institution of higher education.

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