Code of Conduct
This code of conduct has been formed to keep healthy traditions in college. The student not conducting accordingly will be responsible for indiscipline and liable for legal actions.
  1. It is necessary for each student to keep his identity card while visiting the college. Any member of college staff can ask to furnish identity card, if the student found unable or resisting in presenting his/her identity card he/she will be accountable for legal actions.

  2. Student who want to use cycles or scooters they are required to make a notice of those at the time of admission. They are also requested to deposit the amount decided for using these amenities. This order is given specifically that students must stand their vehicles in arranged place (scooter/cycle stand).

  3. It is been expected from students to spend their spare time while reading/learning in library.

  4. It is prohibited to walk, wander, stand, gather or shout in corridors of college while the classes are running.

  5. It is highly inappropriate to diminish the resources of college and plucking up of flowers.

  6. It is expected that students will come to college in decent attire.

  7. It is expected from students that they will not accompany their relatives and friends (who are not part of IDC family) in college campus and use of mobile phones is also prohibited.

  8. It is necessary to take prior permission of organizing any meeting from the principal of college.

  9. Principal disallows any kind of fund raising/collection. It is suggested to take the receipt of any amount you pay in office of the college.

  10. It is been considered as indiscipline to write/scribe on walls, doors or black board of the college.